Thank you for tuning into the second installment of the YDNACMO Podcast! On this episode we sit down with marketing experts Anthony Giordano and Chris Hanson.

Anthony is the current founder of Monad Marketing; a company focused on marketing for startups.

He worked his way up from a media and business development role at MEC to launching international campaigns. His international experience began when he moved to Dubai on the Nestle account with MEC. Anthony now works with founders on marketing and growth with his company “Monad” and has been in the marketing space for 15 years.

Chris Hanson is a four-time tech-founder, he formed his first company while still in school at the University of Pennsylvania; sold their ed-tech AI integration bot as an open box solution to a large charter school network. While his fellow ivy league compatriots where interviewing for jobs, he was thinking about how he could use his six-figure seed round to scale his company beyond thousands of active users. Finding new ways to influence consumer behavior and quantify online is his deep passion.

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