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A Tale of Two

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords together account for the majority of ad-spend online; as two independent tools, they are incredibly large and comprehensive with respect to finding potential customers or clients online and attracting them to your product or service. Each has its own competitive advantages – more display types, for example, on Facebook – and better “action” intentionality on Adwords. Businesses tend to have an initial preference for one vs the other based on their own personal competencies – or they experiment with both, to find the “better option” – competitively.

In the latter scenario, businesses will tend to go with whatever network immediately generates larger results; in most cases, this is simply the one they are more competent in. What a lot of businesses miss, however, is the “devil in the details” – the fact that in many cases, a Facebook ad campaign can multiply the results of your Adwords campaigns – actually driving search queries, potentially days or weeks later, to the queries you bid on.

How is that Possible?

It’s actually a lot simpler than you think. Let’s say perhaps 99% of people use Google  – and 80% use Facebook. I would deem it pretty accurate to say that of the people you target with Facebook Ads, almost all of them regularly use Google.


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