Weat.AI is a social commerce platform for culinary professionals aiming to transform the way that chefs and bartenders interact with their audiences and expand their personal brands.
Bradley Callaham is Weat.AI’s COO – he was trying to determine an effective go to market strategy and build out a team to fundraise for his 7-figure seed round.

The Weat team came to YDNACMO, encouraged by our experience working with pre-revenue organizations and the potential of the high-scale outbound campaigns we run to target top chefs.


Throughout our discovery process, we emphasized to them the importance of building up the supply side of their market and using it as a network to catapult their efforts – tying our ideas directly to their vision.

Campaign Structure

We created the initial campaigns to target chefs in 5 major cities around the US and launched within two weeks.


We used social media information from several influencer analytics platforms to build up advanced lead scoring data and prioritize our efforts.


Quickly, the leads began to roll in – surprising us who were expecting a more modest initial showing given our lack of expertise in their industry.


Our AB testing showed that the personal brand messaging – that emphasizing the background and ethos of the founders, resonated the most. We communicated this to them, helping them rework copy in their website, social media and other marketing collateral. It seemed to chefs, the ability to earn additional independent income was a strong value proposition.

By Week 12 of the engagement, Weat had scheduled meetings and talked to chefs at some of the world’s most famous restaurants – several of these chefs have onboarded as Legacy Creators for Weat and are actively promoting the platform to their communities of culinary professionals.

Through the first 4 months of these outbound email campaigns, Weat has had the opportunity to speak to over 130 interested leads.

As our campaigns continue, we have begun to advise them on how to turn these opportunities into platform activation and growth. They have successfully fundraised and are growing their company and we are excited to see what is in store for the future. Download the Beta Now!

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