Thank you for tuning into the third installment of the No CMO Podcast! On this episode I talk with Alex Mauzon of the PomoDone task management & productivity application. I hope you enjoyed our conversation and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram !

Alex Mauzon has been a Web-developer and analyst since 1997, launched and supported 100+ projects worldwide, including local and distributed teams management, R&D, on-line campaigns and consulting. He has worked on complex web solutions, ran marketing campaigns and is essentially a veteran when it comes to software and startups. He is currently the CEO of the PomoDone App: a task management and productivity tool that develops tasks from over 50 sources including your favorite applications like Jira, Trello and Asana. Through combining these and implementing them in one system, PomoDone creates an easy to use task tool that will have you and your team getting more done than ever before.

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Ryan Sullivan (Host & Producer) @sullybop [email protected]

Ryan R. Sullivan is a 20 year old multi-passionate recording artist, DJ, and podcaster. From rapping, producing and engineering his own music to creating and organizing not only his personal podcasts but the No CMO podcasts as well, Ryan is a personality with the hustle to back it up. He is obsessed with learning and hopes to inspire others to be the same way through his pursuits. In late 2018 he quit his day job to continue his education and focus on his goals: to become a professional podcaster, recording artist and digital marketer. Today he continues to spread information through his music and podcasts; recently getting hired by You Don’t Need a CMO to host and produce their podcast.

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