Thank you for joining us for Episode 10 of the No CMO Podcast!

Today we spoke with Kate Bradley Chernis of Lately at (check it out, especially if you create content on any level). Lately is a software service that uses AI to regenerate different forms of content from existing content i.e. podcasts into blog form, exc. Kate is a radio DJ turned professional marketer that used her own spreadsheet technique to create 130% ROI on a Walmart advertising collaboration. This technique served as the basis for Lately that she now continues run and grow. Her experience and personality couldn’t have fit our style better and we truly had a blast talking to her. Please visit and connect with all of us on Linkedin. Thanks for watching!

Chris Hanson is a four-time tech-founder. He formed his first company while still in school at the University of Pennsylvania; sold their ed-tech AI integration bot as an open box solution to a large charter school network. While his fellow ivy league compatriots where interviewing for jobs, I was thinking about how I could use our six-figure seed round to scale his company beyond thousands of active users. Finding new ways to influence consumer behavior and quantify online is his deep passion.

Ryan Sullivan (Host & Producer) @sullybop [email protected]

Ryan R. Sullivan is a 20 year old multi-passionate recording artist, DJ, and podcaster. From rapping, producing and engineering his own music to creating and organizing not only his personal podcasts but the No CMO podcasts as well, Ryan is a personality with the hustle to back it up. Today he continues to spread information through his music and podcasts; recently getting hired by You Don’t Need a CMO to host and produce their podcast.

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