Half the startup owners I talked to each week are in highly niche industries; AI, manufacturing-tech, defense, education – a common frustration I hear in each of these is the length of the sales cycle; even though they chose the market they would found a company in, they seem surprised at the reality of their business development situation.

The typical argument is along the lines of the following; no one in our industry knows what FB Ads or social media is, so who cares about marketing! It’s not gunna work…how would a government official (or whomever the decision-maker is) be interested in starting a conversation off of a pretty-post? and so on and so forth..,.

What they’re missing is the following; the old definition of marketing is no longer accurate.

People make decisions online. People purchase online. Everything

The new psychology of consumers – the idea of purchasing things online, making buying decisions through simple UX and messaging, is not exclusive to e-commerce. Its a trend and phenomenon that applies universally. I can tell you as a marketer we are getting bookings more than ever on our site; despite having our phone number front and center, the calls go down everywhere. Human Psychology is changing, and it’s becoming more and more universally to expect to be delivered things on their internet.

How does this tie into marketing?

If people are more apt to make decisions online, that means you need to be engaging them online. There are a myriad of ways to do so, and they all fall squarely into the marketing space.

Build out a complete list of potential customer and clients; 10k-20k prospects is a good start; it might even be sufficient in many cases. Once you have narrowed your target audience you can start piling on the marketing – blogs, ads, sponsored posts, emails – the deeper you go the better.

Our process (pictured above) is quite complex – but it doesn’t need to be that way. All you need to do is ensure your audience sees you – and your product or service can do the rest of the talking.

Without an automated, continuous marketing funnel, you are going to be lagging WAY behind your competition; you’ll be competing poorly for your key target’s attention

It’s Actually Pretty Obvious…By The #s

As a simple example, just in one channel – 70% of US adults are now using Facebook once a day – are you really sure your target audience isn’t there? Most people will acquiese to this logic but the next rebuttal comes quickly thereafter; they won’t want to engage with a business product on Facebook. It’s their personal time. But millions of dollars are being spent on FB by B2B firms each year – and we’re talking big companies. You’ve got to listen to the money folks….not to mention all those people using social media at work!

You may not have known or thought about this – that’s okay – it just illustrates how important it is to keep up with the trends in marketing. If you’re overwhelmed and need that expertise and management – you might benefit from talking to my firm. Hyperbolically named “You Don’t Need a CMO” we make it our jobs to stay up to date with trends and changes, and become your full marketing department.

If you’re interested, book a discovery call with us for free advice. Or if you’ve got the time to do the marketing yourself or internally, check out my latest course “The Marketing MVP” for some expert-level tips and tricks for B2B.


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