Skyfoundry is a well-established company that provides software solutions to create value from the data produced by the Internet of Things.

John is a CEO who didn’t have the bandwidth to oversee all of the operational aspects of the business and manage all of the LeadGen follow up from their various marketing activities.

The Skyfoundry team came to YDNACMO; having been aware of us for several years, they were engaged by our efficient process for creating sequences to target specific audiences and leverage a high level of personalization within outbound email campaigns.

After an extended discovery process with our team, the CEO, John Petze decided to move forward with full scale campaigns that target lists of audiences that were generated off of conferences and industry events.

“Prior to enlisting the help of YDNACMO we were simply trying to do it all ourselves–manage lists, format and send email messages, track responses, etc.–which was time consuming and cumbersome for us to manage.”

Campaign Structure

We aimed to create a consistent structure to convert these leads into opportunities for Skyfoundry. Given the vast difference between each campaign, YDNACMO created an efficient system for building out new sequences and writing templates that spoke directly to each individual audience.


In the first 4 weeks of campaign outreach, we were able to generate leads off of lists that were compiled from marketing activities that took place over 2 years ago. These leads were laying dormant and needed to be consistently targeted in order to convert them.

By Week 12, Skyfoundry had scheduled meetings and spoken to over 60 companies in these audiences – leading to a consistent funnel of sales opportunities from that point on.

“The greatest benefit has been the consistency it has created. YDNACMO gave us the bandwidth needed to accomplish these tasks and has helped us create a natural workflow that we lacked before.”

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