This is going to be a brief lesson; although future lessons and content will go much more depth into sales, ABM, and email marketing – marketing channels from which we generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

It is incredibly hard to monitor the outbound sales efforts of your competitors; ideally, we’d like to figure out

a. who they are targeting (the list)
b. where they are targeting them (ex: email vs LinkedIn
c. how are they targeting them? (what kind of sequences/content etc)

There are no scraping tools that can find cold email campaigns; the only way to find this information out, beyond having a mole within the company, is to get on their lead lists. Because many companies purchase these lists, this is not always easy.

There are two effective ways that might work in general:

1. Fill out a lead form on their site or use a chatbot

Works Perfectly for SaaS

2. Visit their site, go to Facebook until you see a leadgen ad (get remarketed)

In the following days, you’ll likely receive some kind of sequence; if they’re good, these will include emails that appear personally written; pay attention to the timing and content of these and re-use at will.

Reading Between The Lines
Even if you can’t find the answers to 1-3, you can surmise in generalities if they are using outbound automation in general. The best way to do so is:

1. Use BuiltWith or another technology tool (discussed in earlier chapters) to find which technologies they use….cold email tools like Mailshake and Prospect.Io have conversion cookies that go on your website.

2. One thing we’ve observed commonly is a reasonably succesful company that has little to no “organic” traffic. If you use the SEO research tools in earlier chapters, you can see if they have a paid budget as well. If they do not, but you know they do have users – likely its a company that sells direct. We see this a lot with SaaS companies.

If you’ve got ideas in this department that we’re missing…we’re all ears.

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