January 26th at 5pm, 777 Brickell Suite 500 Quest WorkSpaces – Join renowned experts from international marketing agency You Don’t Need A CMO to learn the latest strategy for engaging new leads and opportunities for your bootstrapped or venture-backed B2B venture.

In SaaS, or any other B2B industry with a long sales cycle and high ticket products? Outbound marketing can and should be your primary go-to source for new revenue. When linked with a traditional sales and SDR program, this type of marketing can produce consistent long term results.

We will go over the A-Z of email marketing and on LinkedIn, including setting up and automating funnels, email deliverability, list building and much more from our founder and CEO Chris Nicholas Hanson. 

Afterwords, join us for drinks and networking in Quest Workspaces to socialize with some of South Florida’s most prolific tech entrepreneurs!

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