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We asked a VC- What Makes a Great Pitch?

Stacey Brandhorst is an accomplished speaker, instructor, venture capitalist and current director of business development at i2E. She’s been a CEO, COO and co-founder in previous companies and knows her way around the startup world. Stacey helps to position Oklahoma-based SaaS startups for a high growth trajectory through i2E. They’ve been around for 20 years as of 2018 and have an impressive portfolio of startup companies.

On this episode of No CMO, Stacey spoke to her role as a VC, the power of a good pitch, and more importantly, what that looks like. In addition they touched on a couple industries and the differences between them when it comes to your ability to differentiate and grow as a business.

Please Connect with Stacey on Linkedin and visit i2E’s Site Here

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