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Rowan and I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the SEO pioneer, author and entrepreneur Rand Fishkin today. From his start at his mother-and-son marketing company over 10 years ago to his newest business SparkToro, Rand has built up an impressive list of achievements; most notably his SEO work at his previous company Moz (where he is still on the board of directors). We enjoyed getting into the backstory, structure and use of SparkToro as well as some tidbits and founder-advice from his recent book “Lost and Founder”. In addition, discussed the problems with the typical funding model and spoke about the “tech bro” culture surrounded by it.

Rand could not have been a better fit for our podcast and we can’t wait to have him back. SparkToro launches this September and it will be a huge asset to companies, marketers and PR folks. Hope you guys enjoyed! All links are in the show notes below.

Key Points

➢ 6:40 – How a Business Can use SparkToro
➢ 8:40- 9:07 – Our Mission: “We Don’t Have to be a Billion Dollar Business”
➢ 15:45-16:30 – We are not building an outreach tool; here’s why.
➢ 27:10 – The Problem with Uber…and many others like it.
➢ 36:20 – There are no Silicon Valley investors on this list…
➢ 41:20 – Why do we have to be “tech bro’s” to do this? To get funded?
➢ 44:34 – The Rabbie’s Search Phenomenon
➢ 55:40 – “If you’re building a product that can do wonderful things for people, you never have to feel bad about selling people on it.”


Tiny Seed Fund
Pitch Black Event
Google Search Results Incident 
Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo 
InDinero, Jessica Mah
Lost and Founder

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Rowan H. Price (Co-Host) [email protected]

Rowan Price is a marketer and founding board member of You Don’t Need a CMO. Moreover, he has been with the company since the start. Rowan uses tech industry experience and an unorthodox ideation method to help software entrepreneurs around the world build trust in their solutions.

Ryan Sullivan (Host & Producer) @sullybop [email protected]

Ryan R. Sullivan is a 20 year old multi-passionate recording artist, DJ, and podcaster. Additionally, he continues to spread information through his music and podcasts; recently getting hired by You Don’t Need a CMO as a Podcast Host and Account Executive.

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