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This episode of the No CMO Podcast features a couple of unique individuals who turned a passion and occupation into an an application that helps millions of people learn to speak in public. Tammy Palazzo and Tim Wikstrom co-created Presentr: a revolutionary public speaking tool that analyzes gestures, movement, volume and other factors to help you speak more effectively in the office, school or at home. With over 20 years of consulting, corporate training, business operations and cultural development behind them, these two formed a tool that will reshape the way we think about and perform public speaking.

Please visit presentr.me and listen to their Podcast, “Figures of Speech” on all platforms

“Every time you are speaking in public you are public speaking.”

Key Moments

➢ 1:10 – Tammy and Tim’s background
➢ 3:45 – How Tim went from meeting Tammy, to training her and then creating a company together
➢ 4:45 – The challenges of scaling a coaching business
➢ 7:40 – Why companies fail when they only have passion…
➢ 11:00 – Battling subjectivity in coaching
➢ 13:29 – You don’t get the real life application portion in a book or a presentation. The app changes this.
➢ 18:05 – How long do you need to practice to be ‘good’ ?
➢ 20:20 – Every presentation is different even if you’ve done it a thousand times
➢ 22:10 – Learning presentation skills by yourself allows you to get passed the fear wall that comes with public speaking.
➢ 24:15 – “Most of the data will tell you that ¾ of the population says that public speaking is their number one fear.”
➢ 29:40 – Practicing and improving with Presentr allows you to regulate the ability to talk to that second voice in your head.
➢ 36:00 – Data is great but how you interpret and apply that data is the most important thing.
➢ 37:06 – What should c-level folks, managers, bosses and employees do to help themselves and others improve public speaking in the workplace?
➢ 38:50 – “As a leader you have to create a company culture where you value communication skills.”
➢ 41:47 – We don’t think enough about investing time into how we’re going to communicate our thoughts.
➢ 46:15 – A key feature in the app is the ability to see your volume. Most people do not talk loud enough when speaking in front of people.
➢ 50:35 – How much is it?
➢ 50:45 – Who is Abbie?
➢ 55:28 – People forget that you’re still having a conversation when speaking in front of a group, you’re just doing most of the talking.
➢ 58:00 – Find them on their brand new website! www.presentr.me
➢ 58:38 – The Figures of Speech Podcast


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