MNML Health

MNML Health is a growing health and wellness company working to optimize how other businesses provide wellness benefits to each of their employees. Their goal is to create a system where every employee has access to a personal wellness concierge.

Trey Cooper, as Chief Operating Officer, has made his priority to generate a consistent pipeline of leads to expand the MNML Health enterprise offering.

Trey and Derek (the CEO) came to YDNACMO and having been intrigued by our approach to campaign management and the overall marketing strategy concepts laid out in our proposal. Through an in-depth discovery process with their account manager, Talon, the MNML Health team decided to target a broad range of tech companies and initially pitch their product as a unique wellness package for rapidly-growing teams.

Campaign Structure

The initial goal of the campaigns was to create a strategy that quickly identified the audiences that would be the most interested in onboarding a wellness benefit of this scale. We built out templates that directly targeted tech companies who have seen a strong employee growth count over the last 12 months. Our team set out to identify how individual job titles within these audiences would react to different ways that the service was framed.


Within a few weeks of testing, we started to move around volume on the audiences, implement new landing pages to generate better results.

By Week 8, MNML Health had generated 7 qualified sales opportunities from this outreach and has been impressed with “the speed and quality of the leads that they [YDNACMO] were able to provide us”.

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