Marketing your company can be hard. But it doesn't have to be.

We are the single targeted firm that delivers simple, high-yield marketing solutions for today’s entrepreneur.

You don't need a CMO to take your company to the next level.

Marketing can be extremely costly, in terms of time and money – with little to no yield over sometimes years at a time.Most companies don’t need to break the bank investing in marketing out of the get-go. But you do need, a genuinely savvy player to change your playbooks and start developing campaigns.

From our founder’s obsessive focus, and more than 500 entrepreneurs mentored and developed, we have developed highly-specific, repeatable solutions that reliably bring revenue in the door.

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We think big and have hands in all leading technology platforms to provide you wide array of services.

Outbound Marketing: Automated

Solo founder or entrepreneur? No time to run campaigns on your own? Want to focus on the product and closing? High-volume and velocity campaigns, with personalized segmentation, under your alias - targeting 5k-10k new potential prospects per month

Outbound Marketing: Hybrid

Do you have a sales or marketing team that is highly involved in pursuing your prospects but has little direction and success in generating new meetings?

Our CEO - a top sales trainer in numerous industries - will work with your company and our system - to build a highly effective system for your representatives to operate in. This will include sales script, collateral advice, and automation through Zapier High-volume and velocity campaigns, with personalized segmentation, under your alias - targeting 5k-10k new potential prospects per month

End-to-End Pipeline

You have big goals, and you want to take it all out. We will work with you from the demand generation to closing. Our team will build out automated campaigns as well as build content to train your team to execute - integrating any CRMs and coming up with the necessary sales stages all the way to closes, upsell and follow-up.

Our CEO will join calls with your prospects, clients to attempt to redevelop your actual pitch, and begin closing deals for you on a rolling basis. The end result may be a fully managed marketing and sales funnel, staffed by YDNACMO team members.

Average customers begin generate leads in a little over two weeks

Our process, is designed both for long term success and quick wins. After a short intake call, we can begin building out your campaign copy, lists, and evaluating the funnel. Our rapid and agile team launches your campaigns on pre-existing software and already warm email servers. Don’t Wait – Take The Next Step for Your Company. 

So, where to start?

The typical YDNACMO client has a great product and service. The market opportunity is significant – but for whatever, the current avenues aren’t producing as they should. Maybe it’s the wrong channel, the wrong agency, the wrong team – or maybe the word-of-mouth marketing has just run its course.
Wherever you are, you know more can be done. You just don’t know, where is best to begin.

Does this sound like you?

Outdated Website that isn't used for marketing and looks like it hasn't been updated in 20 years.

No marketing materials - decks, pdfs, ads or brochures to send to potential clients.

All sales being executed front-to-back from one or two people - usually the founders.

Few Key clients / customers / accounts whose business is not guaranteed in the long term.

Several competitors who seem to be having significantly more success.

No advertising campaigns, SEO, or referral programs.

Large personal network, but little to no content marketing outside of sporadic linkedin posting by founder.

No followup sequences, scripts, or sales/CRM implementation or process for churned customer and marketing qualified leads.

Simple, but Scalable Marketing Solutions

Marketing That Works - Our Tried and True Process

omni channel marketing you dont need a cmo

Detailed, 360 Degree Marketing Eval

branding graphic design ydnacmo

Repositioning of Core Marketing Collateral (Website, Deck Re-design)

Segmented Audience

Personalized, Segmented Audience and Done For You Prospecting

Email Servers high speed

High Velocity Email Servers

Email Warmups

Consistent Email Warmups and Monitoring

Omnichannel Engagement Campaign

High-Volume Automated, Personalized Omnichannel Engagement Campaign

CRM Configuration

CRM Configuration and Best Practice Setup

Automated Lead Management and Followup​

Automated Lead Management and Followup

24/7 Slack Support and Engagement

We're a team of high-velocity hustlers.

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