Are you a small business owner, leader, or founder with a great product or service but NO clue how to start in marketing?

We have put together a unique and complete marketing workshop that maps out to you what marketing channels to focus on based on your target prospects and verticals. Topics include

  • Why You Need a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Marketing Channel
  • What Are Marketing Channels
  • The “Hot” Channels (FB, Email, Ads, Social)
  • Why Swap Channels
  • BS Marketing Trends
  • How to Map Channel to Your Vertical
  • Using Different Channels for Acquisition and Conversion
  • And Much More

This workshop will spare you tens, possibly hundreds of thousands in wasted hires, marketing consulting fees, and advertising spend. These are real insights based on working with 100s of startups as a marketing agency globally, in all sectors and all stages of a business cycle. We know businesses that have 100x’d + their valuation, and equally as many who have failed.

Register Today! Free drinks and food as well will be provided.

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