FusionPR is a well-known agency that provides PR services to companies across a broad range of industries.

Bob Geller, the firm’s president, who was searching for a reliable way to reach new industries and create a consistent base of leads coming into their sales pipeline.

Campaign Structure

We set out to generate a consistent velocity of leads off of email campaigns and break into audiences where the FusionPR team didn’t have strong previous experience working with.

Sequences were created to target each individual industry with relevant messaging and personalized value propositions in order to create a strong connection between the FusionPR brand and these new audiences.


Immediately, we were able to generate a strong stable of sales opportunities for FusionPR and our focus shifted to optimizing the quality of the leads that were developed through audience refining and AB testing.

Through the first year of working together, FusionPR was able to speak to over 240 different companies and hire a larger internal team to support a significantly larger base of clients

Many agencies deal with larger accounts leaving and having an outbound marketing source like YDNACMO allows to protect against that possibility with new business.

We use their campaigns and templates as a model for our other (non-competitive) clients in the PR industry.

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