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Written Chris Nicholas Hanson, September 2022

I think, both for the executive and lower level team of a company, it is imperative to have a mission statement and a statement of being.

A lot of elements of a company, especially a small startup, do change on the fly. People, clients, technology, vendors, partners, locations – all come and go. Sometimes the features of a product, or services offered may change. The audience may even shift – but generally speaking, those companies that last or those companies that are acquired, have a clear and specific vision that is both consistent, strong, and independent of the founder and team. Values, and a goal that extend across generations of teams.

With that being said, at its very core the mission and values or a company are most directly informed by the Founder’s experiences. So to understand YDNACMO, we must understand my story.

My story

I am a natural entrepreneur – I can sell a pen to someone with no hands, I hate taking orders and never have had a traditional job. It was clear to me always the traditional path of 99% of people was not for me.

After self teaching myself sales, marketing, and technology through a number of side hustles – I went at it with numerous companies.

I created tech products. Website. Build ads and pursued customers – the path of an entrepreneurial tech founder.

The core challenge of entrepreneurship

across those ventures, while I made progress, I also realized while for many creative types it is relatively, easy to come up with an idea and someWhat straightforward to build a product if you have the skills, it is much more difficult to have sustained success in any market selling.

Alas, the reasons why most people choose careers over entrepreneurship.

You don’t need a cmo…

For me, this core challenge – the inputs it takes to actually get a company of the ground – was an exciting and relevant problem for me to focus ten years of my life.

Of course, financing and funding is a key piece of any tech company’s success but in the last 5 years I have met equally as many people who had money and still couldn’t make it work.

So picked a decently large sample size – any company with business customers or b2b2c – that needed marketing help, and I began reaching out – just me, no team no consultants.


I took each company, and I tried to understand in my view what makes them tick, and I tried to apply my own drive and ownership to having success with their companies. This is the philosophy and ethos I entrain on my current team.

The Journey

What followed the creation of YDNACMO were a lot of spectacular failures – not necessarily precipitated by what we did, but merely the nature of the game working with at some times concept level founders.

With that being said, we also observed an equivalent level of evangelism – people and companies who believed In our team and the goals we were after.


Over time, we developed a core device that was simple to deliver, but harder to execute. For most of the companies we worked with (as well as my own in the past) this was the quickest path to validation, revenue – and that “inkling” of traction that makes you as a founder believe in yourself to move forward.

email marketing. Cold email. Sure enough, for many companies it had worked and brought massive ROI – but possibly more importantly, the validation and understanding of the audience that can be billed upon.

Future Directions

YDNACMO is fundamentally a company by aspiring entrepreneurs for aspiring entrepreneurs. While I’m sure our domain expertise and creativity could be beneficial someday to a large organization, our core and complete value is in our scrappiness and potential.

Right now, we have focused on training our team (under 10 people) in the best in class execution of outbound email marketing. We are exploring other avenues and outlets like social, and outsourced sales.

ultimately; we want to bring that unique and ever present value to the startups and small businesses we work with. We want working with YDNACMO to resolve your ambiguities and deliver you from fear and analysis paralysis so you can move forward.

right now, our service portfolio and delivery is still in progress. It is still in development – but we are going to monetize our hungry and work on building something truly special that can scale globally to the millions of startups out there.

Service companies fundamentally aren’t scalable, this was one of my main fears in starting the company and one that has challenged my ambition. But many of our clients are scalable – and we believe we can ultimately scale by being and taking ownership in their success.

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