This webinar will focus exclusively on practical and technical Google AdWords tips for beginners. This workshop will be fast-paced and targeted towards startup founders ready to get deep in the weeds of marketing their products.

Our featured speaker Chris Hanson is a 5x startup founder, marketing strategy/branding expert, and managing director of YDNACMO. As crazy as it sounds, he used Facebook and Google Ads to grow the world’s first professional cuddling company to $2.5M in net revenue.

We’ll start off by giving AdWords beginners pre-vetted strategies that have generated his clients millions of dollars in revenue at an extremely low cost of acquisition. You’ll learn to think beyond the campaign with a Growth Advertising strategy.

For the pre-seed or pre-launch entrepreneurs out there, we’ll demonstrate how AdWords can be used a simple test to determine interest from potential customers/clients in key target demographics. You’ll learn why AdWords is the easiest, most reliable way to A/B test messaging and how CTR can determine your product’s true value before you spend tens (or hundreds!) of thousands developing it.

These tactics apply to virtually any industry. We will discuss case studies in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, dating apps, and investment products. There will be ample time after the workshop for additional questions on how to apply the techniques to your particular industry.

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