The trend in Silicon Valley and beyond is for startup CMO’s to last no more than 6 months. And if you’re lucky enough to land a world-class CMO, chances are they are fielding on average 1 job offer per week.

Your CMO should be multi-disciplinary (technologist, marketer, salesperson, business strategist). What are the odds you’ll land a CMO with that cross-disciplinary skills set?

Let’s just stick a fork in the idea that a CMO is a permanent employee and let that role be temporary, fluid, and flexible.

So do you really need a CMO?

Consider the following statements.

I’m a technical founder.
I don’t know marketing, but I know we’re not doing enough of it.
We finally have developed a usable, great product.
When they use the product, our target customers love it.
I don’t trust most marketers.

Our most successful client has the following qualities

A Great Product
A Great Team
A Great Market

We approach each new potential client as an application. Our consultations act as an interview to identify successful projects. We see each new client as an investment; a client is only valuable or interesting to us if we see the potential for substantial long-term scaling.

And we have the tools and knowledge to know if you’re product is viable. Having worked hand-in-hand with dozens of teams, and having data on hundreds of products through our investors, we can actually evaluate whether a team will succeed. We know the niches intimately and the startup world through our own experience. We call our team a “Board of Directors” as that is how we see our relationship to your marketing.

Delivering Extreme Value: You Get A Top Quality CMO, And A Built In Team Ready to Execute Without Delays


How do you work with clients? (timing, meetings)

We are a very hands on team; generally, this involves us us sharing a slack channel with you and being available as we work 24-7 – we’re equally excited to be working with you.

We’re big on automations and tech, but can adapt our style (email/phone calls) if you prefer. We’ve been there.

What if we aren't satisfied or don't reach the results?

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan – delays on our end, your end, even industry constraints and obstacles (Like CoVid!) we never would have anticipated.

We have pages and pages of documentation to address various scenarios – we don’t give up on clients. Often, we’ve developed new services or products to address clients where things haven’t gone according to plan.

That being said, our vetting process is very important and the more info you can get us in advance of starting, the more accurate the estimates we can get you.

Do you do design or copy, or do I need to hire other people?

Our full list of services are covered on our solutions pages – in general, we do not do lower level tasks like design unless they are mission critical; we do have relevant team members, but we highly recommend you utilize one of the expert-vetted freelancers in our network.

Why do you work with startups?

Our founders built their marketing skills as founders of tech companies; addicted to the rush of crazy growth, working on You Don’t Need A CMO gives us the opportunity to do this 10x the degree at once.

Other Agencies

  • Works with non-scalable SMBs.
  • One size fits-all solution.
  • Outsourced labor.
  • No involvement in owning or growing businesses.
  • Industry connections minimal or non-existent.
  • Non-involved passive contracts.
  • Confusing, hourly retainers with no value.

You Don’t Need A CMO

  • Works with startups.
  • Custom tailored strategy to each niche.
  • Only top players with CMO experience.
  • All team members are ex-startup founders with fundraising experience.
  • Investor, VC connections, and extensive network in a dozen niches.
  • Long-term partnerships only.
  • 3 tiers of simple flat pricing.

Can We Help Your Business Grow?

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