The Marketing MVP. You are now armed with enough data on your industry and marketing to make an accomplished agency veteran impressed. You know and have a framework for understanding ALL the key channels; what they mean, and the gist of how things work.

But you need to know what to do. How to tie it all together. Once you have the team in place (next chapter) its a relatively simple plan. Let’s develop it, together.

What You Should Have Now

  • What % of marketing budgets companies are spending on paid vs organic; and in the individual channels (Facebook, Google etc)
  • Which website, blogs, influencers are most critical for success and traffic
  • What creatives and topics work best within campaigns; in what quantities, and what types of content
  • An idea of which channels and strategies haven’t been explored or have been dropped

The Marketing MVP

Get out a new piece of paper. Write out three headings, in order:

1. Channels

2. Content

3. Distribution

and let’s break down the following.

1. Marketing Channels

You should have come away from the prior lessons with a set of the following channels

  • Facebook Organic
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Organic
  • Google Ads (Search)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Channel Partnerships
  • Direct Sales
  • Adroll/Display Ad Remarketing
  • Alternative Ad Networks (Taboola, Reddit, Quora)
  • Organic Outreach – Reddit, Forums
  • Blogs/PR
  • Influencer Marketing – Instagram
  • Influencer Marketing – LinkedIn
  • Influencer Marketing – Twitter
  • Influencer Marketing – Youtube

If it’s under 15% of their “estimated” budget – drop it. It’s not worth it. Pick the top 3 and stick with it. Make sure you have at least one organic, at least one paid, and at least one social media – regardless of industry. It’s importance to have balance and test multiple areas.

2. Content

You should have a list of content samples, grouped by type (video etc), and by persona targeted. List engagement (or traffic) next to the piece of content.

You should have 3-5 personas; for each, you will have a funnel of 5 pieces of content. This goes for B2C and B2B. 

Pick your content. Start Creating It; if you need to hire, go freelance. Content should be a simple as it can be.

3. Distribution

You should have 15 solid pieces of content at this point. If not, stop and get it done. You can’t do anything without content.

It’s going to be hard to learn the channels individually. We will break down samples in multiple chapters; fundamentally, you need to target your audience, using your content, on the given channels. Distribute. Then convert.

Next chapters will break down the implementation – who to hire, how to do yourself.