Radical Client Growth

Is Our “Prime Directive”

The Experience


Okay – we are not a boring old school agency. Our team is chock-full of young, motivated professionals who are working their butts off to grow your company.

But we run a tight shop – we’re not a bunch of naïve, fresh faced youngsters – we are battle hardened from dealing with dozens of clients in different industry. Our team has unique and persistent incentives to be deeply involved in client success – beyond that of your typical account managers or sales people.

Come hell or high water, they are dedicated to your account – and will put in the hours, time, and most importantly – learning – to keep it going.

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Our communication is almost 24/7, round the clock – we are well attuned to modern technology startups and companies use; and have an advanced Slack Pro account for all of our clients, including automated messaging of lead, reports, and other elements of collaboration.

The team is constantly online, and you have the ability to interact with not only your account managers but our top-brass who takes an active roll in brainstorming and trouble shooting your campaigns.

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We purchase complimentary CRM seats for all of our clients on our partner platform.

Through here, they have access not only to lead lists, campaigns, deals by stage – but also an inbox management tool we’ve configured, task and project management, + weekly reports our campaign managers build out and review through slack weekly.

Successful Client Traits

Over 200+ client engagements, we’ve found certain client “ingredients” that add to success.


Our best clients don’t fall for anything – they know what kind of marketing is bogus and what equates to real results.


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Our consummate client is always looking for opportunities to optimize, grow, and network.


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Our clients like to learn from us – hear our takes on marketing, the new competitors and technology we are researching – and we keep them up to date.

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Typical YDNACMO Client

We like genuine people who are committed to growth – true entrepreneurs and business people. Our team is industrious and entrepreneurial and those are the qualities we appreciate.

The best client for us knows they are missing something as far as marketing and sales goes – but don’t quite know what it is. We are there to fill in the blanks for those clients.

We truly believe in long term business and relationships and set ourselves up to be an ongoing resource to you as you scale – we want this to be repeatable, and movable, as your company expands and achieves greater success.

There is also some testing and trial and error – unlike other companies, we don’t brush this aside – so our best clients are committed and will work with us to achieve key results.

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The team at You Dont Need A CMO completely out performed our expectations with the speed and quality of the leads that they were able to provide us.

YDNACMO was able to secure us many more leads and higher quality leads than any of the LeadGen companies that we had previously worked with.

Derek SanzChief Sales Officer at MNML Health

It was nice that YDNACMO has background with startups, also the price made sense for us and our offerings for pretty solid ROI - it’s clearly allowed me as one of the founders to focus time and effort on other things and not sales operations, rather just doing demos for qualified leads which is super helpful. The outreach at scale would be a big time sink for us I think.

Zack NaylorCEO and Co-Founder of Aurelius Lab

The YDNACMO team provides frequent updates on how the campaigns are performing and where our leads are within the cycle. These updates have clarified which marketing activities are generating our best leads and where future marketing dollars should be spent.

We can clearly see the impact of the YDNACMO program. The results are more follow ups from our marketing efforts and more scheduled meetings.

Sharon LoMarketing Manager at Skyfoundry

Frequently Asked Questions

You Don’t Need A CMO prides itself on transparency and clarity. We want to be on the same page as our clients before writing the first line of copy or running the first ad. These are our most frequently asked questions.

Why don’t you call yourself a lead-gen company?

We are not a leadgen company because the main metric we judge ourselves on is the campaign outcomes, not total output. If you don’t close the leads we generate, we are not successful — this is incredibly critical for new or small businesses who are investing in marketing for the first time. Our approach is holistic, and is designed to produce consistent business outcomes in the long term.

How do you work with clients? (timing, meetings)

We have a very hands-on campaign management team; generally, this involves us sharing a Slack channel with your company and being available at all times for consistent communication – we’re equally excited to be working with you.

Each client will have an account manager and campaign manager dedicated to their engagement. You will have weekly meetings with the YDNACMO to run through the campaign’s progress and address any strategy pivots.

What if we aren't satisfied or don't reach results?

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan – delays on our end, your end, even industry constraints and obstacles (Like COVID!) we never would have anticipated.

We have pages and pages of documentation to address various scenarios – we don’t give up on clients. Often, we’ve developed new services or products to address clients where things haven’t gone according to plan.

That being said, our vetting process is very important and the more information that is provided early on, the more accurate lead estimates we can get you.

Do you do graphic design or copywriting?

Your YDNACMO campaign management team will develop all the different copywriting items related to the email campaigns. These templates are commented on and approved by the client prior to being sent out into the market.

YDNACMO does not have any in-house team members to execute on any graphic design items. However, we have a vast network of partners who are experts in those areas.

Why do you work with startups and small business?

Our founders built their marketing skills as entrepreneurs themselves; addicted to the rush of crazy growth, working on You Don’t Need A CMO provides us with the ability to take that passion and infuse that within our client companies who seek certain growth milestones.

Other Agencies

  • One size fits-all solution.
  • Outsourced labor.
  • No involvement in owning or growing businesses.
  • Industry connections minimal or non-existent.
  • Non-involved passive contracts.
  • Confusing, hourly retainers with no value.

You Don’t Need A CMO

  • Works with startups and small business exclusively.
  • Custom tailored strategy to each niche.
  • All team members are ex-startup founders with fundraising experience.
  • Investor, VC connections, and extensive network in a dozen niches.
  • Long-term partnerships only.
  • Simple, flat pricing.

What are the typical service options that you offer?

The implementation of services is custom for each client that we work with. Each company that is in our portfolio will receive a customized strategy offer that is built to market their individual product/service.

Every YDNACMO package is billed with a flat monthly fee dependent on the contract length and project scope.

Tips and Tricks from 20+ Industry Experts, Delivered Daily

Tips and Tricks from 20+ Industry Experts, Delivered Daily.

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