MNML Health

MNML Health is a growing health and wellness company working to optimize how other businesses provide wellness benefits to each of their employees. Their goal is to create a system where every employee has access to a personal wellness concierge.

Trey Cooper, as Chief Operating Officer, has made his priority to generate a consistent pipeline of leads to expand the MNML Health enterprise offering.

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Skyfoundry is a well-established company that provides software solutions to create value from the data produced by the Internet of Things.

John is a CEO who didn’t have the bandwidth to oversee all of the operational aspects of the business and manage all of the LeadGen follow up from their various marketing activities.

The Skyfoundry team came to YDNACMO; having been aware of us for several years, they were engaged by our efficient process for creating sequences to target specific audiences and leverage a high level of personalization within outbound email campaigns.

After an extended discovery process with our team, the CEO, John Petze decided to move forward with full scale campaigns that target lists of audiences that were generated off of conferences and industry events.

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Aurelius is a startup focused on providing the most robust research repository and insights platform to development teams of all sizes. (You can listen to their podcast here!)

Zack Naylor is a CEO searching for a more immediate way to drive leads into the Aurelius sales pipeline.

Zack came to YDNACMO and was immediately interested in how direct our cold, outbound marketing approach could directly impact his sales funnel. Through a discovery call with the YDNACMO team, Aurelius decided on moving forward with scaled email marketing campaigns to start the conversation with companies within their target audiences.

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Fusion PR

FusionPR is a well-known agency that provides PR services to companies across a broad range of industries.

Bob Geller, the firm’s president, who was searching for a reliable way to reach new industries and create a consistent base of leads coming into their sales pipeline.

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Weat.AI is a social commerce platform for culinary professionals aiming to transform the way that chefs and bartenders interact with their audiences and expand their personal brands.

Bradley Callaham is Weat.AI’s COO – he was trying to determine an effective go to market strategy and build out a team to fundraise for his 7-figure seed round.

The Weat team came to YDNACMO, encouraged by our experience working with pre-revenue organizations and the potential of the high-scale outbound campaigns we run to target top

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