Aurelius is a startup focused on providing the most robust research repository and insights platform to development teams of all sizes. (You can listen to their podcast here!)


Zack Naylor is a CEO searching for a more immediate way to drive leads into the Aurelius sales pipeline.


Zack came to YDNACMO and was immediately interested in how direct our cold, outbound marketing approach could directly impact his sales funnel. Through a discovery call with the YDNACMO team, Aurelius decided on moving forward with scaled email marketing campaigns to start the conversation with companies within their target audiences.

Campaign Structure

We set out to build traditional lead generation campaigns and identify the main differentiation points between Aurelius and competing softwares.

We came up with templates to target companies of different sizes and see how each type of organization would react to the several value propositions that we were testing out within the email messages.


Through two different engagements with YDNACMO, Aurelius has been able to generate over 75 sales opportunities and focus their internal team efforts on advancing the platform and sharpening the other aspects of their business.

“It’s clearly allowed me as one of the founders to focus time and effort on other things and not sales operations, rather just doing demos for qualified leads which is super helpful. The outreach at scale would be a big time sink for us I think.”

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